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Our Goals,

And With Your Support,We Can Bring Smiles To Many Kids And Adults Living With Alopecia.



Provide 1,750 100% human hair wigs and hats for kids living with hair loss

-Event: BKO Alopecia Awarenesses Talent Show. Third or Fourth week in March

-Donation: Receive 10,000 by March each Year 

-90% of donations spent directly to the cause, help feed the homeless and help parents to provide clothing for school-age kids

-Give four education and awareness seminars throughout the year


-Commit 4,000 to its advertising campaign


-Promote the organization using local media and publicity 


-2,000 to Eastern Virginia Medical School Dermatology Department




All Organization Needs Donations to survive and grow and with your support B.K.O, can stay up float.

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